• SUPERSTAR round brush #0 Maayke

Face and body painting brush SUPERSTAR round brush No. 0 Maayke

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Round brushes are the most commonly used type of face painter brushes around the world. They are best for working with lines, drops, swirls, and all the fine details. They can also be used to quickly fill small areas.


Superstar Round Brush #0 (Mayyke) is a thin brush for creating details. The brush is made of the highest quality synthetic fiber. It enables precise and even distribution of the cosmetic. 

The brush is ideal for face and body paints, makeup and acrylic or water paints. Even in the least experienced hands, it will allow you to achieve sensational results.


The handle is made of natural painted and varnished wood. The base of the handle is covered with a plastic cap that prevents damage, chipping and getting wet, which ensures the durability of the brush.

Brush dimensions:

- total brush length approx. 160 mm

- bristle length approx. 5 mm

- bristle width approx. 1 mm

Synthetic fiber brushes are more durable than natural ones, because water does not penetrate the structure of the bristles, this makes them an optimal tool for water-soluble makeup. Synthetic fiber is elastic and elastic, so that with proper care it can serve for a long time.

To significantly extend the life of the pedzl, do not leave it in the water. Clean with warm water and brush soap after each use and dry.

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