• Basic face painting kit

A basic painting set that will allow you to paint more than 300 children's faces.

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To fulfill the most popular wishes of "metamorphosis" in children, it is not necessary to have artistic talent. However, you should reach for professional products and use patterns that are real to paint with a given set. Especially for you, we have prepared a list of paints and products that will allow you to paint more than 300 children's faces:

The set includes:

1. Superstar paint white 45g 
2. Superstar paint black 45g 
3. Superstar paint blue 16g 
4. Superstar paint green 16g
5. Superstar paint yellow 16g 
6. Superstar orange paint 16g 
7. Superstar paint red 16g 
Bottle with atomizer 
9. 2 x Superstar Round Brush #2 
10. 4 x Dauber Finger Sponge
11. 8 x sponge with rounded edges
12. A set of sponges on a stick with a wooden handle 
13. Templates numbered: H5;  45; 19; 14; 
14. 2D templates numbered: K2K6 

     It is worth noting that the products included in our list, such as brushes, sponges and stencils, are reusable. If properly used, washed and stored, they can serve for many years. 

Especially for you, we have created projects that will help you paint in a simple and quick way, using only the products included in this  set. See how to paint:
Kitten; Dog; Tigger; Spiderman,a; Ninja Turtle; Minion; Princess; Minnie Mouse; Pirate; Batman; Unicorn; Locomotive.
Of course, with the above set you can create much more patterns, and the only thing that limits you is your own imagination.

The brands of products included in the set may change, but their purpose will always remain unchanged.

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